Industrial Cold Storage

Cold Storage

A cold storage unit incorporates a refrigeration system that maintains the desired room environment for the commodities to be stored. We are very adept in offering a wide range of Modern Cold Rooms and Commercial Cold Storage. The Cold Rooms that we provide are widely are fully computerized and with modern technology intended to preserve the freshness in food use of for meeting the storage as well as cooling needs arising in the food processing enterprises. We procure our complete range that is crafted at par with global quality standards.

Cold Storage Installation

EMERALD specialized in design and installation of cold rooms & cold stores. Our experts are available to guide you through each stage of the process from the initial consultation through to the design and then the final installation. This ensures that the cold room you have specified meets with your expectations and requirements.

Design & Consultation : We offer an initial consultation, with design advice, CAD drawings and a full quotation as part of the project package. We can also offer a consultation service for the design of insulation and refrigeration systems, if you wish to appoint your own contractor.

Insulation : All our cold stores in this section are constructed using the latest fire resistant tech rated panels. Rooms up to 10m in height and any combination of widths and depths can be built meaning whether you want to walk in or drive in, we can build a cold room to suit your needs.

Refrigeration : All types of temperature controlled systems can be designed and installed by our engineering department. All temperature ranges from ambient, preparation areas, chillers and freezers can be achieved. We design remote systems using the latest low noise equipment to achieve the temperatures you require. We are pride of ourselves of offering global warranty, service and support and are adequately able to offer annual comprehensive maintenance post warranty.

Floors : A range of floor options including insulated floors with EPS slab & Puf slab for cold room, vapour barrier, Trimix concrete finish larger rooms are all available.

Doors : A full range of door options are available and are manufactured to order which means we can offer any size and type of door you require. Hinged, sliding, rapid roll, crash, flush, incorporating vision panels and windows are just a selection of the products available.

Optional Extras : As part of the design and installation package we can offer racking, lighting, strip curtains, humidity controls, camera and many other additional items.

Cheese Butter Cold Storage

Cheese butter cold storage

We understand the critical need of the dairy and Ice-cream sector and hence we offer our clientele`with Cold Room for Ice Creams. These specially designed cold rooms are highly reliable in maintaining correct temperature of storing ice creams and quickly pull down core ice-cream temperatures to enable ice-cream hardening. These are so well designed that they efficiently maintain low temperatures even while consuming low power. Our cold rooms are highly demanded in various ice cream factories and restaurants.

Fish & Sea Food Cold Storage

The fish and seafood cold room is a low temperature room to keep the fresh of all kinds of fish and seafood.

According to the storage time, it can be divided into fresh seafood cold storage room, frozen seafood cold storage room and seafood blast freezer cold room.
Any fresh fish or sea food needs very strict storage requirement as there is a high risk of rapid bacterial growth which can waste the storage. Also it needs to keep separate from all other type of food stored.

1. Fresh seafood cold storage room;
They are mainly used for the temporary turnover and trading of fresh seafood. The general storage period is 1-2 days, and the temperature range is -5 ~ -12 ℃. If the product is not sold within a 1-2 day period, the seafood should be moved in the blast freezer room for quick freezing.

2. Frozen seafood cold storage room;
They are mainly used for long-term  preservation of frozen seafood. The general storage period is 1-180 days, and the temperature range is -20 ~ -25 ℃. Quick-frozen seafood from the blast freezer room  is transferred to this low temperature cold room.

Industrial ICE Plants

The Ice Making & Harvesting section of the plant consists of the Brine Tank, an electrically operated Lifting Device (Crane) running on rails along the sides of the tank, a Thawing Tank, a Tilting Device with an inclined Wooden Table to receive the ice blocks as they slide out of the cans and a Filler. Standard Rectangular 25, 50 & 150 kg Ice Cans fit in the brine tank which is covered with solid Wooden Lids as shown on the picture.

Features :

Block ice machine can be installed in different conditions, convenient for transportation. Standard Block ice making plants are available in 9 sizes with a capacity range of 3 to 65 tons of ice per 24 hrs. Depending upon size and customer’s specifications, Plants are designed for either 100 Lb (45Kg) or 300 Lb (135Kg.) capacity cans. Custom-made plants can also be designed for 55Lb (25Kg) capacity cans. Operation system of the block ice machine use PLC control system which is easy for operation and maintenance.
Special request : Water temperature 0.5℃~46℃.
Block ice thickness : Dimension depends on customer’s requests.
Refrigerant : R22 , R404A, R507

Clean Room Installation

We offer cold room especially designed for storage of food, Phrama , Chemical, Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy , Meat items. Our rendered cold room is efficient in storing the vegetables, fruits and raw meat, for a long period. The offered cold room is very useful for the food industry, owing to the controlled storage of edible food items.