Agriculture Cold Storage

Agriculture Cold Storage

We feel proud to provide Agriculture Cold Storage as part of our cold storage construction . A cold chain consists of a supply chain that is temperature controlled such that materials or products being transported is maintained at a given temperature range throughout the process of transport, storage and distribution. Cold chains are used to ensure that products maintain their freshness and viability and arrive intact. Cold chain management is of particular importance in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and commercial frozen food industries.

Fruit Cold Storage

It is one of the methods of preserving perishable commodities in a fresh and wholesome state for a longer period by controlling temperature and humidity within the storage system. Maintaining adequately low temperature is critical, as otherwise it will cause chilling injury to the produce. Also, relative humidity of the storeroom should be kept as high as 85-90% for most of the perishables.

Most fruits and vegetables have a very limited life after harvest if held at ambient harvesting temperatures. Post-harvest cooling rapidly removes field heat, allowing longer storage periods.

Proper post-harvest cooling can:

  • Reduce respiratory activity and degradation by enzymes;
  • Reduce internal water loss and wilting;
  • Slow or inhibit the growth of decay-producing microorganisms;
  • Reduce the production of the natural ripening agent, ethylene.

In addition to helping maintain quality, post-harvest cooling also provides marketing flexibility by allowing the grower to sell produce at the most appropriate time. Having cooling and storage facilities makes it unnecessary to market the produce immediately after harvest. This can be an advantage to growers who supply restaurants and grocery stores or to small growers who want to assemble truckload lots for shipment. Post-harvest cooling is essential to delivering produce of the highest possible quality to the consumer. Cold storage can be combined with storage in an environment with addition of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide (in case of grapes) nitrogen, according to the nature of product to be preserved. The cold storage of dried/dehydrated vegetables can be successfully carried out for a storage time of more than one year, at 0°-10°C with a relative humidity of 80-95%

Potato Cold Storage

We are offering a wide range of Potato Cold Storage that mainly used for long-term storage of perishable vegetables. In this type of cold storage, apart from temperature concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene and nitrogen is maintained as per the requirement of the storage material. This type of CA storage mainly used for the storage of potato, onion, apples, pears, lemon, lichy, mango and other perishable fruits. We also provide ultra law oxygen cold storage for long-term storage of fruits.

We are widely recognized for its ability to offer Prefabricated Cold Room of excellent range and quality to our clients. There is an excellent quality range of Prefabricated Cold Room available with us. Variety of eatables and fresh fruits could be kept easily in Prefabricated Cold Room. It has precise dimensions and has modular design. There is ample space for keeping all these items in Prefabricated Cold Room. It has excellent ventilation system and is highly durable.

Banana Ripening Chamber

Engineered to simulate nature’s ripening process without altering the taste or Freshness. We Pioneered the indigenous, pressurized type Banana Ripening chambers of global standard which is running exceptionally well all over India. With expertise across the full spectrum of fruit Banana ripening chambers, Pre-cooling chambers, cold storage construction & refrigeration system, We India provides focused solutions namely conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing and implementation of cold infrastructure requirements to cater to need of diverse industries. We offers Banana ripening chambers available with Pressurized/Reverse air flow evaporators and Humidity controlled rooms.

Salient features

  • Air tight chambers with specially designed doors.
  • Extreme turbulent air waves across chamber for quick collection and dissipation of field heat.
  • High humidity coil cooling unit for an excellent performance in humidification.
  • Air path control mechanism for even distribution of chilled air across fruits.
  • Power full refrigeration system for Quick pull down of field heat.
  • Intelligent Temperature control for enhanced shelf life of fruits.
  • Intelligent gas control system for high quality out put fruits.
  • Centralized Refrigeration with multiple compressors for high level of flexibility in operation and energy saving with standby compressor.
  • Less power, connected as well as consumption hence low operating cost.
  • Reduction in weight loss of fruit [5%-8%] by maintaining excellent humidity level across ripening process.
  • Options for Web based monitoring and controlling of Temperature, Humdity, Ethylene and CO2.
  • Fully automatic ventilation and exhaust system & Automatic Ethylene Injection, control and CO2 exhaust system.

Fruit Ripening Chamber

By now, you have effectively determined the benefits of fruit ripening process. This is why you would love to use the ripening chambers manufacturers. However, you still do not know how you can choose such fruit ripening chambers. The ripening chamber for fruits will not only help in improving the quality but also they can be affordable. You can use a ripening chamber for mango to improve its taste.

If you are all set to use a ripening chamber for mango, here are the features you should not overlook:

Efficient temperature control
It is possible to get highly reliable and automatic temperature control systems with ripening chamber for mango. In addition to the automatic temperature control system, the temperature will be controllable.Ethylene dozing can also be set as per the requirement. Furthermore, the level of carbon-dioxide will also be automatically controlled. This particular thing helps in softening the fruits. Now, you can determine the ripening chamber price.

Controlling of the temperature
On the other hand, controlling of the temperature will be another important feature you have to get from the ripening chamber business. The manufactures have to promise to keep efficient efforts to control the temperature. A ripening chamber for mango can work more effectively to ripen them.

Efficient monitoring
Before you know the ripening chamber cost, ensure to know ripening chamber providers about the efficient monitoring. The refrigeration system of the service provider should preserve high humidity. After the completion of the fruit ripening process, the weight loss should be very slightest. You should also know that the ripening chamber for mango system provided by these companies follow all the safety standards carefully.

Pre Cooling Chamber

Pre-Cooling Chamber?

Pre cooling chambers are designed to extract field heat from fresh fruits and vegetables.

All fruits and vegetables have to be pre-cooled to remove farm heat. Studies carried out on different fruits & vegetables show that 7/8 of the cooling should take place not later than 8 hrs from the time of plucking else all fruits and vegetables show an exponential decay in their shelf life. In order to ensure that the fruit or vegetable does not shrink through water migration from fruit to air the water content in the air at any given point of time has to be greater than the water content in the fruit/vegetable to be pre-cooled. Also, there should no free moisture in the air to allow condensation otherwise chill injury may take place. Blueice India’s Pre-cooler is designed to achieve a temp of 0 o C and an RH above 95% in an empty room without any loose water in the air to ensure zero shrinkage.